Firinn Taisdeal


Full Stack Engineer, Freelance - 2022-present
Equally versed in frontend and backend development. JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, PHP, React, Node.js, SQL and NoSQL databases, API design and development.

Since I have designed and brought to market entire products from start to finish, I have broad knowledge of the entire process from conception to planning to code iterations, testing, scaling, fine tuning and dealing with any surprises along the way. In a previous career I managed large projects for corporations as well as participated in large projects as both an engineer and communications specialist.

Founder / Full Stack Engineer, Quote Machine - 2019-2022
Quote Machine provides a REST API for a large curated database of high-quality quotes that can be distributed through the API, delivered on a schedule by email or SMS, or converted into collections or videos. Node.js, React, JSX, Express, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Jest, JWT, AWS, Webpack, Git, REST API, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap, shell scripting, Progressive Web App, technical writing. UI/UX design using Adobe XD.

Founder / Full Stack Engineer, Zivot - 2016-2019 -
Zivot is a software suite for data visualization of time use, goal tracking, personal budgeting and habit making/breaking. PHP, Laravel, PHP Unit, JavaScript, React, Python, MySQL, CSS, Linux, shell scripting, Progressive Web App, UI/UX design, technical writing, statistical analysis.

Freelance Developer and UI/UX Designer - 2012-2016
Contract engagements on projects using various technologies: Python, JavaScript, Java, Linux, Mac OS, MySQL, PostreSQL, FileMaker Pro, MS Access. UI/UX design in Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, MS Word and just plain old pencil and paper.

Independent Author - 2012-2016
Wrote and published two books and numerous articles, all nonfiction.

Founder / Full Stack Engineer, Linkup Central 2008-2012
Linkup was a social networking service in 30 cities around the world, based on in-person events and a unique accountability system. UI/UX design; technical writing; PHP, MySQL, Linux, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, shell scripting, dev ops.

B.A. in Film, U.C. Berkeley, certifications in Data Science and Data Science Visualization

Concert pianist; intensive training in acting and voice work; ten years training in ballet; fluent reading of German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian.

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