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My primary concern is with improving society in any way I can. I'm deeply concerned about the current shabby state of our culture: the shallowness; the vapidity; the dishonesty in every area; the waste of precious time, attention and resources on paltry, unworthy matters; the pettiness; the crudeness; the utter selfishness; the complete lack of vision for a better society.

Most of all, I'm concerned that unless human beings themselves become much better in many ways, we will be completely unable to solve the many serious problems we ourselves have created.

Public complaint, public protest and matters of legislation and policy are of course deeply important and have their place, but it is far too easy to assign responsibility to everyone but yourself, leave it at that, and then continue exactly as you did before.

What will become of us, what will become of the earth, if we continue in our current ways?

After thinking all this over for several years on my own and in conversation with friends, I have come to a definite conclusion; the necessary change must begin with the individual, and it must begin with improving yourself. There is simply no substitute, and nothing can compare with the challenging work of improving yourself in every way you can: improving your understanding of important subjects; improving how you think, and most of all what you think about; improving your outlook; improving your values; improving your behavior.

We all must take responsibility for fundamentally improving our thinking: how we form beliefs, how we analyze problems, how we deal with competing claims, how we analze and improve our own thought processes. As a start, please take a look at this list of cognitive biases.

We must also take action, based on carefully formed opinions. A personal example is all of the changes we've made to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

The responsibility is mine. The responsibility is yours. The responsibility is ours.

We must become better examples, for ourselves and each other.

We must improve ourselves, and therefore improve society.

There is so much more to do, to gradually build a better society. Please join me.

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