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Proteus Workshops

Proteus Workshops are a means to transform yourself: to become what you want to become, in order to have the life you want, and to help improve world. In so many cases, a person's life doesn't change until they themselves change. If your life is not what you would like it to be, that may be because you have not yet become what would bring about such a life. The goal is to transform yourself into the kind of person who attracts into your life what you want to attract, and makes decisions and maintains habits that support that life in every way.

Aspects of transformation
Identity & identification
Mental patterns
Emotional patterns
Conscious learning
Deliberate exposure to new experiences
Types of relationships
Choosing your influences
Choosing who to associate with, and in what ways
Challenging yourself
Changing your body, to change your self

Adventures in Identity
Design Habits that Help You
Design Your Mind
Free Yourself from Your Limiting Patterns
Develop Awareness of Greater Opportunities
Design a New You, Better than the Now You
Cultivating Courage
Clarifying Your Values
Living Your Values
Expand Your Perceptions
Direct Your Awareness
Direct Your Attention
Function on a Higher Level
Become More Creative
Cultivate the Art of Persistence
How to Not Be Full of Crap
Define and Measure Your Most Valuable Activities

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