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Coding Coach, The Coder School — 2019-present
Coaching students age 8 to adult on programming in everything from Scratch to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Java and C#. Emphasis on fundamentals of computer science.

Full Stack Engineer, Quote Machine — 2018-present
Quote Machine provides a REST API for a large curated database of high-quality quotes. Node.js, Express, Postgres, MongoDB, AWS, Git, REST API, React, Bootstrap, Progressive Web App, Python, Data Analysis, Predictive Analytics.

Founder, Zivot — 2018-present
Zivot is a mirror in which you see exactly how you are spending your time.
Zivot is a means of deepening meaning in your life.
Zivot is an engine of self-actualization.

Consultant in business, technology & communications — 2012-2018
Strategy development; business analysis; business research; project management; business process design & optimization; technical advising in web technology & other communications technology.

Founder, Linkup Central — 2003-2012
Created a social networking service in 30 cities around the world, based on in-person events and a unique accountability system. Business strategy; project management; business process design; feature design; UI/UX design; technical writing; HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, shell scripting.

Program Manager, — 1999-2000
Managed the first instance in the world of an information service available on both web sites and cell phones driven by the same database, five years before the iPhone.

Project Manager, Netscape Communications — 1998-1999
Launched the largest web directory in the world, the Open Directory Project, just as AOL reached temporary dominance and purchased Netscape.

Research Staff Member, Interval Research Corporation — 1997-1998
Participated in the design and creation of an automated movie making machine and software using sensing systems, software control of cameras and lighting, and automated editing.

Founder, — 1996-2012
Created a subscription-based service for those with connections to the town of Westport, Connecticut: Facebook for a town, five years before Facebook. HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, shell scripting.

B.A. in Film, U.C. Berkeley, certifications in Data Science and Data Science Visualization

Concert pianist; intensive training in acting and voice work; ten years training in ballet; fluent reading of German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian.

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