Firinn Taisdeal

I am an author, speaker and composer, though with a professional background in business and technology.  Further information and work history on my resumé and in testimonials.  My first two books are available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.

Living Much More through Buying Much Less
A cheerful guide to sustainble living through not buying a bunch of junk you definitely don't need.  You'll save money, too!
LMM cover
The Litter Patrol Workout
An exercise program based on power walking, while doing good by picking up litter.  Yes, that's right!
LPW cover

I also just completed an elaborate multimedia production about sustainability, in the form of a tale of alien anthropologists who visit Earth and are dismayed by humans' lack of wisdom concerning their one and only planet: We Need Better Humans!

WNBH collage

The entire production is also gradually being prepared in an online version.

Currently working on three more books:

The Conversation Book: Method, Madness & Miracles
A study of aspects, methods and "moves" in conversation, and the psychology of conversation.

Minimalism: Maximalism of what matters
A view of minimalism beyond the merely material.

Design Your Mind
Techniques for improving the content and capability of your mind.


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