Fírinn Taisdeal


June Lake

"Firinn is an unusual combination of drive and patience. His intellectual curiosity is boundless, as is his compassionate intolerance of self-delusion. He is an accomplished independent thinker who does his own research and synthesis."

Nels Johnson, President
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April 20, 2014: Below is a short composition I wrote this morning, for cello and piano. The audio output is directly from the notation system, so musical performance quality is lacking, but you'll get a sense of the composition.

"After several successful careers, near the time one should retire, I thought: how exciting it would be to re-examine a wonderful life and express it as a screen writer. But new beginnings are tough, so how does one move forward? Fortunately I found Firinn, a 'can do' guy who seeks the genius within us. He structures problems, imagines solutions, and marshals resources. He thinks, then thinks differently. He helped me. I recommend him unconditionally."

Richard L. Mitchell
screenwriter for Walking With Francis


"If you are serious about achieving or improving something, including yourself, call Firinn. His forward-looking, positive perspective combined with his hyper-sensitive bullshit detector gives Firinn the genuine desire and ability help in any situation.

When I was struggling to make my first independent film, Firinn gave me invaluable creative advice and support—at a time when most other friends were encouraging me to give up my dream of being a filmmaker. Because of his creative help, the film ended up winning dozens of film festival awards and was nominated for an Academy Award®. Firinn continues to help me in domains ranging from relationships and personal growth to financial strategy and creativity in business. All this he does with a rock-solid moral compass. I hold Firinn to be among the best in his field—the field of improving lives and the world."

Roko Belic
director of Genghis Blues and Happy

Firinn Taisdeal

"Firinn has a natural way of providing encouragement along with realistic and logical strategy. Over and over, Firinn has taken the time and the patience to help me explore what is meaningful to me. Finding one's own meaning and one's path sometimes sounds like a straightforward process, but demands on my time and my energy tend to push this thinking to the bottom of a long list. He has consistently initiated conversations that are important, and necessary. He does this with great care and compassion.

Having a conversation with Firinn is like receiving a beautifully wrapped package with a greater gift inside. His kindness and humanity shine through. He also recalls everything I've ever said to him (this memory must be both a miracle and a curse, but impressive nonetheless). He is confidential. He understands that a person's word must be their bond. He has impressed on me that every word we speak further defines our own character; we are what we say and we become what we think. Our words and thoughts become a kind of sculpture, our own body of work, our legacy. This is important on so many levels. I trust him completely.

Firinn builds and cultivates relationships that endure based on integrity, reflection and thought. I feel myself blessed when I consider what Firinn has brought into my life: a higher level of insight (along with some tools to achieve this), a greater sense of moral purpose, the recognition that I can say "no" to influences or individuals that create chaos or instability in my life, the continued search for peace and inspiration. He is like a diamond in the sun."

Diane Calabro, MBA
Supply Coordinator, Bristol-Myers Squibb

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